Restoration Pruning

Tree & shrub restoration pruning is the process of improving the structure of a tree or shrub that was previously damaged, topped, vandalized, overpruned or mispruned. Restoration is not a solution to make a neglected tree perfect, this is an impossible task. Restoration pruning introduces growth of new, healthy shoots to try and renew the plant.

Restoration Pruning Goals

  • Improve appearance
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Reduce damage to the plant
  • Maintain and/or improve plant health
  • Influence fruit and/or flower production
  • Correct damage and/or defects

Do you currently have a tree or shrub that could benefit from restoration pruning? If so call today to find out what our certified Arborist can do to help you increase the longevity of your plants. Our Tree Service team is fully insured and uses modern well kept equipment to ensure our services are preformed with integrity and professionalism. Contact us today by calling 586.268.7699 or fill out our  online request form and one of our representatives will get back to you at your convenience.


Emergency Tree Services

The Spring storm seasons has started here in Metro Detroit, high winds and strong rains have been causing damage across Michigan. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars or other trees leaving homeowners in need of emergency tree services. Dealing with these situations can be dangerous and should be left to trained professionals to remove and to prevent further damage to the surrounding area. Our tree care experts are ready to assist you in an emergency, we can also help by providing tree hazard evaluations.

Tree Hazard Checklist

Michigan Tree Removal Services
Emergency Tree Services

Consider the following questions:

  • Have any branches fallen from the tree?
  • Can you see dead branches in your tree?
  • Are there detached branches hanging from the tree, or wedged between other branches?
  • Does the tree have any rotten wood or cavities along the trunk or in major branches?
  • Are there cracks or splits in the trunk or where branches were previously attached?
  • Has the trunk developed a strong lean?
  • Have the roots been broken, damaged or injured in anyway?
  • Have any adjacent trees fallen over or died?
  • Has the area around the tree recently changed in grade or soil level?
  • Has the area around the tree been changed by construction?
  • Are mushrooms present at the base of the tree?
  • Have the leaves prematurely developed an unusual size or color?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, than it is highly suggested that your trees be evaluated by a professional. A certified Arborist can provide treatments that can help not only increase the trees safety, but also increase the trees health and possibly its longevity as well. Our Tree Service team is fully insured and uses modern well kept equipment to ensure our services are preformed with integrity and professionalism. When a quality tree team member comes to your home, they will share their knowledge with you in explaining what services are required.


The Benefits Of Proper Tree Care

Trimming healthy trees or removing dying ones can be an intimidating task, that is best left to the professionals. Here at Quality Tree Services we have licensed ISA certified arborist who can evaluate your trees and let you know all of your options. Tree’s add beauty to any yard and it is important to keep up on their maintenance with proper tree care.

Benefits Of Proper Tree Care

  • Shade to provide comfort and protection from summer sun.
  • Seasonal beauty for your enjoyment throughout the year.
  • Privacy from unwanted signs and sounds.
  • Safeguards against storm damage and the danger of falling limbs.
  • Increased value of your property and outdoor pleasure.

Why hire a professional Arborist? Professional Arborist are trained in the care and maintenance that is specific to each tree. Trained professionals can easily determine the necessary cuts required for future growth and the health of individual trees, both young and old. By hiring a professional Arborist you are ensuring the proper equipment and practices are used to maintain the integrity of your trees.

Quality Tree Services offers tree services too residential homes and commercial businesses in Michigan. If your in need of professional tree services, call the experts at Quality Tree Services today,  for a free estimate.

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Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is an essential aspect of proper tree maintenance. Here at Quality Tree Services, we staff professional full time arborist and climbers to ensure our clients receive the best tree care available.

 Why Hire an Arborist?

Trees, especially mature trees add thousands of dollar of value to a property. A professional arborist can maintain the beauty and the value of the tree for the property owner.

 Why Prune?

Pruning can preserve the health of a tree by eliminating diseases before they have a chance to spread. Pruning preserves the best shape and can promote optimal growth. It can also reduce the potential for damage due to high winds through the proper thinning of a tree’s canopy.

Pruning Young Trees

Pruning young trees insures that they reach the desired shape in maturity. Whether a multi-stem or single stem tree, promoting the proper growth through pruning is essential.

Pruning Mature Trees

The best protection against summer storm damage comes from keeping a tree’s canopy property pruned. This allows strong winds to pass through a canopy rather than pushing the tree similar to a heavy wind hitting a sail on a sail boat forcing the boat to keel over. Pruning mature trees can also increase light penetration to the ground which benefits lawns and gardens growing near or  underneath mature trees.


In need of pruning services? Contact us today by calling 586.268.7699 or fill out our  online request form and one of our representatives will get back to you at your convenience.

Winter Tree Services

During the long cold winter months, many of our clients forget about their trees. This is a big mistake commonly made by homeowners. The correct timing of pruning can be very important for specific species of trees and for some the correct time is during the dormant season.

Winter dormant pruning is done shortly before spring growth. Doing so leaves fresh wounds exposed for a short period of time before the wound healing process begins.

Advantages of Winter Dormant Pruning

  • For some species pruning during the dormant season is the best time for the tree.
  • Thinning the canopy and removing dead wood reduces storm damage potential.
  • Deciduous plants are leaf free, allowing for more accurate pruning and reduced cleanup times.
  • Insects and disease spores are inactive during the winter, reducing the chance for infestation.
  • Rejuvenation and clearance pruning can be preformed with minimal risk of promoting sucker growth.

Emergency tree services can also be a much needed service during the winter. Heavy snow, ice and damaging winds can cause devastating effects on trees. Winter dormant pruning can help reduce these risk. Unsure if your tree’s are at risk this winter? Call our experts for a consultation and evaluation.

Michigan Winter Tree Services

Interested in Michigan Winter tree services? Our certified ISA Arborist are ready to help you this winter. Call today to schedule your winter tree services and discuss if winter dormant pruning would be the best option for your specific trees. When you call Quality Tree Services, you can be sure that a certified Michigan Arborist will arrive to do the job. Unable to call? Fill our our online request form and we will get back to you at your convenience.

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